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Brian Setz, MSc

Distributed Systems Group, Johann Bernoulli Institute


Brian Setz is a Researcher and PhD candidate at the Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Groningen. He is supervised by prof. dr. Marco Aiello, and is a member of the Distributed Systems group headed by prof. dr. Alexander Lazovik. His research interests include: Cloud Computing, Green Computing, Internet of Things, Energy Efficient Data Centers.

Phone +31 (0) 50 363 51 08
Office 5161.0564

Nijenborgh 9
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands


(n/a) “Mining Sequential Patterns for Appliance Usage Prediction”
M. Kalksma, B. Setz, A. Rizky Pratama, I. Georgievski and M. Aiello
In International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems, 2018

(n/a) “Privacy Preserving Monitoring of Big Data Infrastructures from the Data Center Perspective”
B.setz, A. Lazovik, M. Aiello

(n/a) “Best Practices for Sustainable Data Centers”
V. Dinesh Reddy, B. Setz, G. Subrahmanya V.R.K. Rao, G.R. Gangadharan, M. Aiello
In IEEE IT Professional, Forthcoming

(url“Planning meets activity recognition: Service coordination for intelligent buildings”
I. Georgievski, T. A. Nguyen, F. Nizamic, B. Setz, A. Lazovik and M. Aiello
In Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2017

(url“Metrics for Sustainable Data Centers”
V. Dinesh Reddy, B. Setz, G. Subrahmanya V.R.K. Rao, G.R. Gangadharan, M. Aiello
In IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing, 2017

(url“Power Management of Personal Computers based on User Behaviour”
B. Setz, F. Nizamic, A. Lazovik and M. Aiello
In International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems, 2016

(pdf) “Sleepy, the Smart Activity Monitoring and Energy Saving Solution for Personal Computers”
B. Setz, F. Nizamic, T. A. Nguyen, A. Lazovik, M. Aiello
In Proceedings of the Erasmus Energy Forum 2014, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 2014


(url) NextGenSmart DC
The NextGenSmart DC project’s premise is that the application of state-of-the-art ICT tools and techniques can improve the environmental footprint of energy-intensive facilities and deliver Smarter and Greener Data-Centers, through ‘self-help’.

(pdf) SENSible hEating Operation Solutions
Computer-based control of the heating system of buildings that have still manual control of radiators. The solution optimizes the heating of rooms based on fusion of information regarding users presence, external weather conditions, weather forecast, and university/user calendars. The goal is to control the room heating automatically and heat only when users are present, thus, optimizing the temperature given the weather exposition and the actual number of occupants present in the room.

(urlSustainable Buildings 
Our first Proof-of-Concept project is “The Bernoulliborg – The building of Sustainability”. In this project, we apply our first smart energy solutions to an existing building to make it even more energy-efficient and that way to generate significant additional savings!

(pdf) Green Mind Award
An extremely comprehensive project with advantages such as water conservation, responsible waste recycling, smart reduction in electricity consumption and intelligent lighting.

Honours, Awards & Funds

(urlICT Milieu Award 2016
Top 3 nominees for the ICT Milieu Award 2016

(urlSURFsara Duurzaamheid & ICT
10,000 EUR grant for “Sustainable Buildings Challenge” project


(N/A) “Adaptive On-the-fly Changes in Distributed Data Processing Pipelines”
T. Albers
Master Thesis, 2018

(N/A) “GitHub Data Analytics”
A. Ciobisca, A. Isac
Short Programming Project, 2017

(N/A) “Host Health from a Containers’ Perspective”
A. Curganov
Master Research Internship, 2016

(N/A) “Creating Automatic Data Aggregation and Deletion Systems for the Scalable Web”
G. Klinkenberg, Y. Tijsma
Master Research Internship, 2016

(N/A) “Dynamic Modification of Distributed Data Analysis”
T. Albers
Master Research Internship, 2016

(N/A) “Service Discovery”
W.G. Menninga
Master Research Internship, 2016

(url“Sleepy for Linux – Power Management Framework for Workstations”
T. Hoeksema, M. Medema
Bachelor Thesis, 2015


University of Groningen
Teaching Assistant

– Scalable Computing, spring semester 2018
– Web and Cloud Computing, fall semester 2017
– Scalable Computing, spring semester 2017
– Web and Cloud Computing, fall semester 2016
– Introduction to Computing Science, fall semester 2016
– Web and Cloud Computing, fall semester 2015
– Web and Cloud Computing, fall semester 2014

Academic Activities

Reviewer for SOCA2018, WISE2018, UIC2018, AICCSA2018, SMC2018, BPM2018, Cloud2018, ICIMSA2018, SoSE2018, SC@RUG2018, ALLDATA2018, IC2IT2018, ENASE2018, ICSE2018-SEIS, SOCA2017, ESOCC2017, AICCSA2017, SC@RUG2017, ICWS2017, IC2IT2017, DaMNet2016, COOPIS2016, WISE2016, SASO2016, MobiSPC-2016, SC@RUG2016, ICWS2016, ClouchTech’16, PAS2015


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